Our ethics

For a group in which people are at the centre of everything, the ethical aspect is of utmost importance.

For us, ethics means first of all to work in many corners of the world for the development of the territory and of the people who live there. This is why in our local offices we employ people born and raised in those areas, and in those cultures. Who can have stronger feelings for their land than those to whom the land belongs directly?

Ethics also means paying attention to the growth of every single person in our group, because people do not work for Venicecom but work with Venicecom. We all care about the growth of the other members of the group. Venicecom Academy was created in response to our focus on people, as an on-going corporate training program, with exciting and professional training events.

Ethics is the choice we made in 2004, when we decided to support the missionary activity of Ol Moran in Kenya with a fair and sustainable approach to business management starting from an organization that taught us the importance of believing in the area and in its people as an investment based on solidarity, one that is sustainable and sound.

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