Material Tracking System

The project was conceived by the need of Agip KCO, operator of the Kashagan field in Kazakhstan, to have a centralized tool to manage stock of materials and simplify the movement of inventory and material tracking.


Having to deal with a large number of products distributed across multiple warehouses within Kazakhstan, there was the need to minimize human errors and, at the same time, speed up the operations of handling. An additional requirement, appeared during the analysis, was to manage the traceability of ordering materials.


To meet the business needs, as well as to create a web application with all the functionality needed, we have used the Motorola MC3000, a smart phone that is a bar code reader and has a Windows Mobile operating system, in which we have developed an application that can record movements of loading, unloading and loaning and synchronize them to the central database.

The labels are printed with a Zebra printer connected via LAN or serial port.

The web application was developed on Microsoft platform and it has been adapted to some spreadsheets used by the client that store orders information, suppliers of materials and master data of materials, allowing to automatically load all these data within the system.