CORO: e-consultation portal


E-democracy allows to know and understand what is going on in the region and to listen to all community requests. Veneto Regional Council had the task to promote an interaction between citizens and institutions to create a productive exchange between politics, institutions and society.


Venicecom, in order to fulfill these requirements, created “CORO”: a portal for regional bills online consultation management. E-consultation aims at strengthening the involvement of those interested in Regional Council activities and at supporting information and interaction with citizens.

Starting up e-consultations has the following advantages:

  • Improved communication with citizens (complete and well-timed information)
  • Better effectiveness Veneto Regional Council decision process (increased quantity and quality of interested subjects’ speeches)
  • Simplification of information collection and publication
  • Automation of decision-making process actions
  • Rationalization of common data management (integrated vital statistics).