Digital and fast: here’s AVM new internal communication

07/20/2017 - Venice

AVM Group internal communication has been dematerialised thanks to SPRISS, the web-based portal able to speed up personal documents and news sharing between the company and its employees. The bidirectional communication channel allows the Group and its employees to send and receive personal documents - from smartphone, tablet and pc - through a paperless solution.
AVM Group, which includes the companies AVM S.p.A., ACTV S.p.A., PVM S.p.A., Vela S.p.A., manages Venice Municipality public transports. 
We followed the development process of the system through which AVM shared all the company-employees communications up to last year. The previous system involved the use of information totems inside the offices: the employees were bound to desktop computers for consultation, with clear difficulties for the on-board staff working outside the Group building. 
AVM need was to dematerialise all communications creating a private area for the employees, through which they could manage and spread personal communications and company news ad personam
SPRISS – Systems Portal and Relational Information Solution Services – is the answer to this need: the new platform, which the Group has been using since January 2nd 2017, facilitates the consultation of private documents sent by the Company - such as paychecks- and of employees communications sent to the Company through standard forms, like registration and IBAN changes. 
SPRISS platform allowed Agenzia Veneziana della Mobilità to have: 
• A fast and direct communication channel with its employees;
Employees always informed on the Group news. 
SPRISS made possible for the employees to: 
• Display online paychecks from any device;
Update personal data in every moment and access personal documents/communications  database;
• Dematerialise all the paperwork that it was mandatory to carry out at the AVM offices.
You can watch the solution’s presentation video (available only in Italian) on AVM/Actv Venezia YouTube channel.
If you are looking for a system to simplify your Company’s communication or you are interested in further information on this project, write us at or call us at +39 041.2525811

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