New awarding criteria for NATO’s vendors

07/31/2017 - Venice

“NATO SP COE worked to provide vendors with a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to prepare and submit an on-line application for registration. In addition, the registration criteria has been established and now allows vendors to select the level of business activity they wish to participate in that best matches their capacities, business scope and commercial strategy.”

This is the news published on NATO SP COE’s website, which chooses to improve and speed up the selection process of their vendors through our e-Procurement platform PRO-Q.

NATO Stability Policing Centre Of Excellence purchases goods and services needed for their mission, mostly from Italian vendors or vendors based in the Sponsoring Nations.  The decision to digitalize vendors’ registration process, and therefore vendor qualification procedure, made the companies’ registration to the portal easier.

From July 21st the applications of the companies which believe to own goods or services of interest to the Centre, are collected through our e-Procurement portal PRO-Q. Once the company application is sent, NATO SP COE’s team can easily continue with the following evaluation phase.

Within hours of the new portal publication, dozens of companies used PRO-Q to apply as Centre vendors. In the coming weeks NATO will publish the first tenders, based on the Centre purchasing needs.

All the companies subscribed to the online vendor list, which believe they can provide products or services that fulfill tender requirement, will be able to apply and submit their bid in just a few clicks.  

For any further information about PRO-Q, our e-Procurement digital platform, contact or call us at +39 041.2525811

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