UWHERE: The Fleet Management App

09/15/2017 - Venice

UWHERE is the new software for companies which want to manage their fleet with a coordinated approach, making the most of transports present on the territory and easing employees’ work. 

UWHERE is the software which allows the management of company vehicles in a coordinated way, saving time and money and improving employee productivity. Designed and developed in Kazakhstan, it is already in use for the management of NCOC Oil Consortium fleet.

The true innovation lays in the fleet management through a request system, assignation and ride monitor using the same operating logic as the most famous smart travelling Apps, such as Uber.

UWHERE can be used from any device through the App (Android and iOS). Employees’ travels can be monitored at any time, both by the employees themselves and by the Travel Manager in charge of vehicles administration.

The central control system allows the Travel Manager to track available vehicles, record their status – whether they are moving, stationary vehicles or already booked by other employees – and assign them, both automatically and manually.

Thanks to UWHERE, companies are provided with a complete tracking and monitoring of their fleet travels, and with employees journeys register.

UWHERE allows to:

  • quickly acquire travel data analysis, tracking each vehicle’s kilometers, journey time and related consumption;
  • achieve immediate saving, thanks to a flexible, fast and dematerialized travel management;
  • obtain complete efficiency of the Transport Department, which can arrange travels and manage employees journeys in just a few minutes, straight from the App;
  • keep track of both the drivers and the employees travel history. It is available also on their devices;
  • enter the number of passengers, luggage and travel needs.

Our client NCOC managed to save 20% of the Transport Department costs, in the first year alone, thanks to UWHERE fleet management system.


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