Compliance Management System


The area of procurement SeverEnergia Russian joint venture owned by Gazprom, ENI and ENEL dealership gas fields in Siberia, has appointed Venicecom the design and development of a management software purchasing procedures.
The operational objective is to ensure that the procedures of purchase by the buyer, so that it is guaranteed, documented and monitored the implementation of the procedural steps provided from the Compliance and by the Russian authorities.


The Compliance Management System is a web application that provides a manager procedural steps within processes configured according to business needs.
The application provides a centralized system for the acquisition, management and logging information can cover the whole process of management of the activities conducted by SeverEnergia.
The technology platform is Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 with customizations developed with ASP.NET Framework 3.5, thanks to the full integration between the two platforms, consentel'estensione of the many features already available in SharePoint.

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