e-PdL: work permits


For the proper conduct of their work, every business in the ENI Taranto refinery needs daily to be granted a special work permit.
The application of computerized the entire process from compilation and sampa work permit until the display of maps depicting particular areas.
e-PDL increases the efficiency and quality of work for the Taranto refinery.


e-PDL easier to manage the granting of work permits by the entity companies armature. The application guides the user through a workflow approval process management, since the creation of the permit until its conclusion.
The software also allows you to have complete control of the work, highlighting any competitions in terms of place of work and time to carry out the work.
The web application, developed on the Microsoft platform using ASP.NET Framework 4.0 with C #, integrates with Active Directory (AD) user allowing easy identification of the users would use the system.