Stakeholders Management System


The Stakeholders Management System (SMS) aims to provide a tool to facilitate monitoring and planning of the work carried out by the Stakeholder Relations department, part of the External Relations Directorate of NCOC (North Caspian Operating Company). The client needs a single dashboard to track work, provide a solution accessible from all NCOC locations and produce reports on all data entered. Through a central database replacing 8 separate databases the goal is to improve performance and reduce administration costs.


For this project a web application was developed using ASP.NET technology on an SQL Server 2005. The technical requirements of the client's ICT area was to build an application which could be fully configured externally so that new tracking areas could be created without developing code. The solution we proposed and agreed on with the client was to implement an XML structure on which the application could be based and through which new menu items could be added for tracking purposes. The new application can provide all information that needs to be displayed (linkable labels and fields, droplists, textboxes, calendars, textareas, uploads).

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