Assessment of Applications and Technology


FATA Asigurari, an insurance company established in Bucharest in 1927, which in 2000 became the Rumanian division of Gruppo Generali, engaged us to carry out an applications and technology assessment, with the aim of preparing a plan which would allow optimisation of current business processes and develop an evolutionary roadmap.

The operational objective was to analyse company processes and document the state of its architecture, software and hardware with a focus on applications linking the legacy and finance systems in order to determine critical issues and identify areas of intervention and priorities.


The method we followed in carrying out the technology assessment was organised into three consecutive stages:

Stage One

  • Interviews with the General Director to identify processing and information system critical areas;
  • Interviews with IT Managers and business users in order to carry out a review of the current situation (As Is scenario), identify processes and support information systems, and determine critical issues and areas that are not covered by information systems.

Stage Two

  • Processing of data gathered with drafting of an overview of information systems currently used to support business processes and identification of links between information systems of different departments.

Stage Three

  • In-depth interviews with IT Managers and business users;
  • Development of conclusions with drafting of a document describing information systems and interconnections, a document reporting problems identified and/or reported by business users and an intervention plan - the Master Plan.