G.I.N.O. Intelligent Web Agent


Remedy Support Group of Generali Business Solutions, a company delivering administrative, IT and damage liquidation services to Generali Group, manages the BMC Remedy-based structure that supports the Help Desk/Incident Management service.

This project was conceived to integrate GBS TTM (Trouble Ticket Management) system with its Telecom Italia counterpart TTM system,  which is based on a proprietary web application accessible through the TuConTi portal. The final aim is to deliver a single entry point useful for GBS groups in charge of assuring well-timed and accurate Trouble Ticket solution about plexus.


Venicecom did introduce an innovative solution: the creation of an intelligent web agent, called G.I.N.O., Generali Interactive Network Operator. This app links two different worlds, GBS and Telecom Italia, interacting with the former through Web Services based systems and with the latter using an out-and-out virtual browser. G.I.N.O. is able to create, cancel and trace the state and to accept or deny Trouble Tickets sailing in Telecom portal simulating the behavior of a human operator. Actually, the knowledge of Telecom Italia sitemap allows G.I.N.O. to:

  • Fill the forms of the portal with information received from GBS TTM system;
  • “virtually” push function keys to activate the delivery of the required operation;
  • Interpret feed-back diagnostic messages.
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