AQP Customer Service


Acquedotto Pugliese S.p.A of Bari (AQP) is an enterprise that manages the integrated waterworks service for Puglia Region. Its Sales Management, supported by the Information Technology Direction, has the task to manage the relationship with Customers (Customer Relationship Management) to fulfil the Integrated Waterworks Service Charter (CSII) which is the set of rules that regulates the relationship AQP-Customer. Those rules turn themselves into the business processes management (Claims, Information, Contract Processes, Failure Notices, Data Alteration etc…). The ACS System (AQP Customer Service) in this case provides the solution to this requirement through a BMC ARS Remedy custom application.


By this application the CSII basic business processes (provisioning, claims, failure notices, etc…) have been implemented through all available contact channels. Those processes have been integrated as much as possible in one and have been computerized to reduce at maximum internal working time, make a shared information base and answer the customer in the shortest time.