Professional Tools Portal


The “Forza Blu” project, second version of an our previous project, has the target of realizing the new communication and interaction system of Bosch Italia. The first completed step had the goal of realizing a fidelisation strategy in the professional electric tools fields (sell in promotion); the second step has to establish a strong relationship with the final customer (sell out). The project should use the great operative partnership between Bosch Italia, sales force and a group of selected distributors specialized in the professional tools channel. The project should realize a portal to consolidate the image and avail ability of resellers, empowering the presence of final customers in the selling points, pushing the diffusion of the brand working on the field.



The marketing analysis and the architectural structure realized by Venicecom leaded to an advanced portal(“Forza Blu”), very innovative for technological solutions, communication methodology, customer interaction, distributive network. The functionalities integrated in the realized platform permit to Bosch operators and reseller network to work in an interactive and simple common area. Among this functionalities, are very important: the content management system, to manage dynamically the product catalog (realized in RDBMS Oracle and interface towards a legacy system) and the automated dynamic generation of multimedial technical sheet. For the final customer is integrated a very accurate selling points search engine (store location), based on commercial and geographical requirements. The project included also the development of a content management web based platform configured for all distribution network (ca. 450 resellers in Italy) and the possibility to manage single sub web site for each reseller with different functionalities for each one. Further a separate small content management system was realized to manage the official web site by internal employees.