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We create value by accompanying companies towards new business horizons

We are an International Group of IT Consulting and Services.
We build synergies, working alongside our customers with passion and professionalism.

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We are a "pocket-sized multinational", a reality that thinks big and works for the growth of its territory. We design, develop and manage customised solutions for procurement, employee safety in the workplace, management and assistance of IT services and the digitalisation of communications between the company and its ecosystem (employees, customers, partners, suppliers ) always aiming at the satisfaction of our customers, which is the goal of our work and our true success.

20 years of history

The President


Pierluigi Aluisio

Founder and President of Venicecom Group

Pierluigi Aluisio, Founder and President of the Venicecom Group, was born in Venice in 1972, a city that will forever characterise not only his university education as a Cafoscarino, but his entire professional career, made up of ambition, tenacity, empathy, curiosity and negotiating skills, typical characteristics inherited from the great navigators and merchants of the Serenissima. Very often, in fact, in his entrepreneurial history, he referred to Marco Polo, to the discovery of new cultural horizons and business opportunities.

In 1997 he founded Venicecom, Web Agency and Application Service Provider which quickly specialised in the application and technology field as a Software House and System Integrator. His strong and interpersonal skills led him in 2003 to join the Communication Group of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Italia and the Communication Group of the Small and Medium Enterprise sector within Confindustria Venezia.

His communication skills, the negotiating approach that combines listening to needs and diplomatic skills led him to turn his gaze to the new emerging markets in Central Asia, the Middle East and Southern Africa in 2006, where, thanks to ambitious projects in the Oil & Gas field and the development of new business in full respect of local culture and traditions, he was recognised with the prestigious appointment of Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in Venice, to the point of being considered today a point of reference for Italian companies interested in starting commercial relations in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

But his commitment to the enhancement of international relations is not limited to the business or political sphere. In fact, in 2008 he founded the Onlus Infiniti Ponti, a non-profit association that deals with carrying out projects to support the populations of developing countries such as: Kenya, Madagascar and Brazil, for which, as President, he takes care of the institutional relations and the strategic direction with passion and devotion.

Today Aluisio is President and "Captain" of the mothership Venicecom, a true small multinational present in Europe, Asia, Africa with five local Joint Ventures Venicecom Italia, and in Kazakhstan, Venicecom Mozambique and Venicecom East Europe in Romania.

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  • automation of purchasing processes
  • reduction of costs and time
  • traceability of operations
  • specialist support in each tender phase
  • compliance check


  • protection for the health of employees and collaborators
  • legal protection for companies and managers
  • effectiveness tested in reality at the highest level of risk
  • compliance with legislative regulations
  • multi-company management


  • management of the work by order
  • increase in efficiency
  • increase in profitability of processes
  • process traceability and transparency on costs and revenues
  • automated workflows

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