Our Ethics choice 

People are at the centre of our work, and that is why the ethical aspect is of the utmost importance for us.

Ethics for us means, first of all, operating in different corners of the world to promote the development of the territory and of the People who live there. This is why people born and raised locally work in our local offices: who can care more about territory than those that land belongs to directly?

Ethics also means attention to the protection of the environment. This is why we work to make our company increasingly Green and we promote the Culture of Eco-sustainability, convinced that technological innovation must go hand-in-hand with the commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our business and those of our Customers.

Ethics is the choice we made in 2004 when we decided to support the missionary reality of Ol Moran in Kenya. Over the years we have adopted the small village of Pompo (Mbombo in Kishwahili) where we have restored the wind water pump inherited from colonisation, built and buried the aqueduct, built a water cistern and a school for 250 children, where they are also financially supported to allow them to receive the education they are entitled to.

What we have done and do for Ol Moran we also owe it to the Infiniti Ponti Onlus Association, which supports the development of populations in every corner of the world, rejecting the logic of welfare and investing in the empowerment of communities.

This experience has taught us how important it is to believe in the territory and in the people who live there, it has allowed us to undertake the path of fair business management and over time it has proved to be a solidary and sustainable investment.

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