Our Goals

The goals of our work

The goal of our work is to improve the business and processes of companies and institutions through innovation and digitalisation. In doing this we feel we are continuing the Venetian mercantile tradition, opening up to the world by following the new digital Silk Roads.

To achieve this goal we always start by listening to people, their needs and dreams, because we are convinced that technology and innovation must be tools at the service of our customers and not vice versa.

During all work phases, we constantly interact with our interlocutors, to build with them the applications they need to reduce the complexity of their internal processes and improve their management, to increase the efficiency of people and to improve communication plus the availability of information.

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Our customers are greeted at the entrance by an orange, a symbol of our negotiating style based on listening to needs.

The orange reminds us of Mary Parker Follet's story "An Orange for Two", which shows how often, when we negotiate with someone who does not accept our requests, we lose the ability to explain ourselves and to make people understand what we really want.

For us it is essential to never fall into this mistake: for this reason when we talk to someone we always try to understand who we are in front of, what they expect from us and how they intend to achieve their goals, in a win-win perspective that is an heritage from the ancient Venetian merchant tradition that distinguishes us in Italy and in the world.

Our values, our objectives and our negotiating style are not a heritage to be jealously guarded, but a work approach that we like to share: for this reason, when our reality had began to grow, we chose to operate in new territories through joint ventures and local offices where we have employed locally resident staff.

Our know-how, combined with the culture and professionalism of people who work for the growth of the territory in which they live, has created a winning match that has led us, over time, to achieve great goals.


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