Our Values

The values that guide our actions

The foundations of our work rest on the attention we pay to people that we place at the centre of every project.

Putting people at the centre means considering all those we collaborate with - customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues etc. - first of all as individuals we must know, respect and help to the best of our ability, placing ourselves at their disposal with a sincere Spirit of Service.

To build solid working relationships and complete satisfying projects, it is essential to never lose the desire to improve: this is why we believe in the value of Excellence, which we seek in everything we do. We want to be able to offer those who work with us increasingly better IT solutions, services, processes, without ever getting tired of growing.

This goal is shared by all of us who collaborate in Venicecom. Nobody hides behind procedures and regulations, policies, tools because we believe in the value of Individual Responsibility and we know that everyone's commitment is the fundamental ingredient for building the common good.

Lastly, we are upright and honest people and we speak clearly to our interlocutors: we know we operate in a complicated world, where often complex words and concepts do not centre the essence of the problems and needs of people, and this is why we focus on the value of Simplicity, that we deem as rare and powerful, which allows us to build with all our interlocutors a transparent and honest dialogue.

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