Kaveau: the system for physical and digital archiving of documents


Kaveau is the complete solution to manage all the needs of Physical and Digital Archiving of documents in a fast, efficient and secure way.

Kaveau was born from the need of Public Administrations, but also of private companies, to guarantee the permanent conservation, in conditions of accessibility and integrity, of all documentation subject to archiving, in compliance with the regulatory requirements of Fire Prevention for paper archives, and the obligations imposed by the Privacy Law and Data Security (GDPR) obligations for the custody and management of documents.

Kaveau is divided into 3 Services:

  • Physical Archiving in Outsourcing which consists in the collection, inventory and custody of documents in standard deposits;
  • Digitization of Documents, the innovative service for optical archiving and digital consultation of documentation that allows faster consultation of the documents archived through the Inventory files;
  • Document Destruction, the certified pulping service for the destruction of confidential documents.

Kaveau allows you to reduce Archives Management costs by over 50% and eliminate the costs of expansion and adaptation to the fire prevention regulations of the premises used as archives (in compliance with Article 34).

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