Supplier Monitoring Software


Marvels is a supply chain monitoring software developed for Marcolin Eyewear.

The software arises from the Customer's need to monitor the supply flows of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials throughout the entire supply and processing chain.

Marvels, in particular, tracks:
  • requests for supplies to the network of subcontractors;
  • requests for the procurement of semi-finished products or raw materials needed by;
  • suppliers, registration, by subcontractors, of the progress of each procurement request;
  • the fulfilment of supply requests.

Marvels improves the monitoring of workflows and, thanks to its dashboards and control systems in real-time, allows to make operational activities more efficient.

The software is integrated with the customer's SAP system which, thanks to Marvels, is now able to:

  • Check in real-time the volumes of raw materials and orders;
  • Ensure that subcontractors respect the agreed volumes and targets;
  • Have concrete elements to implement any rewarding or penalising actions;
  • Get an immediate view of the ROI;
  • Improve production and distribution performance;
  • Effectively protect your brand.
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