MyShip e MyTrain: web applications for international shipments


MyShip and MyTrain are two applications created to meet the needs of Viglienzone Adriatica, a company that deals with international shipments and, in particular, the management of customs and port operations for the handling of ships and trains for the transport of agro-foodstuffs.

The company asked us for support for the digitisation and reorganisation of the goods tracking system. Its strategic objectives included the optimisation of operational support for travel planning and the improvement of the offer reserved for customers. To achieve these results, it needed to implement an advanced freight and shipment tracking system and an online consultation system for freight loading-unloading operations in railway stations and ports.

The MyShip and MyTrain applications improve the operations of Viglienzone Adriatica both in the company's central structures and remotely because:

  • they speed up the management of internal bureaucratic procedures and those addressed to other entities (for example customs);
  • they allow total synergy and information sharing; provide constantly updated tracking of shipments, thanks to the synergy with partners in the area;
  • the platform, being available in multiple languages, allows anyone to operate on the system.

Furthermore, MyShip and MyTrain allow Viglienzone Adriatica's customers to enjoy some additional services. You merely need to enter the portal to access autonomously, through a dashboard for tracking shipments, a series of useful services, such as:

  • information on loading/unloading operations,
  • photos and videos of the goods,
  • feedback on product quality tests,
  • the organization of the operational team for storage,
  • the download of documentation.
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