Employee Portal: an online platform to speed up and dematerialise communications

System Portal and Relational Information Solution Services (SPRISS)

is a responsive online platform, therefore usable from PCs, tablets and smartphones, which speeds up and dematerialises all communications between the AVM Group and its employees.

The SPRISS project stems from the need to innovate the previous system, based on the presence of information totems made available to employees within the offices.

Integrated with the systems already in use in the Company, the software simplifies the spread of information within the work team and allows Employees and the Company to quickly consult documents, improving the operations of collaborators and reducing the difficulties of remote work.

SPRISS also makes it possible to dematerialise and digitally archive communications with employees (payslips, orders, collaborations...) and to keep their personal data sheets up to date.

SPRISS is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that allows you to: 

  • facilitate and speed up communication between the company and the employees 
  • communicate with equal effectiveness via tablet, mobile or desktop effectively 
  • manage the communication of shifts to employees, who can interactively update them if necessary 
  • multiply the communication channels with employees (email, text, telegram...), leaving collaborators the possibility to choose which to use 
  • digitally archive all the communications that the company sends to the employees and those that the employee sends to the company 
  • dematerialise the communications 
  • facilitate the consultation of private documents (for example the paycheck).
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