Smart Safety: the Workplace Safety Management Platform

kalmo_Samrt Safety

Smart Safety is a tool designed to help companies verify that the requirements imposed by the Safety Management System are effectively adhered to by employees.

Through a monitoring system of available PPE and the distribution of an ecosystem of wearable sensors (RFID), Smart Safety allows you to verify in real-time that the safety conditions are respected in all company areas, both internal and external.

The information collected is managed centrally by Smart Safety, which can therefore report any irregularities in real-time and constantly monitor the onset of possible dangerous situations due to operational interference, failure to use protective devices or failure to comply with procedures of prevention. Smart Safety allows the company to verify compliance with the regulations relating to Safety at Work and is a particularly effective tool because:

  • It allows you to intervene in real-time, preventing any dangerous situations.
  • Check the position and activities of each worker, verifying compliance with prevention procedures.
  • Monitor the PPE warehouse, simplifying its management and verifying that each employee uses the necessary devices, in the right quantities.
  • It operates both within the company and in outdoor spaces.
  • It protects the company in the event of disputes.

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