U-Where: the app for the management of company fleets with drivers


U-Where: the app for the management of company fleets with drivers

U-Where allows Companies with company fleets with drivers to facilitate the movement of employees and avoid wasting time and money, making the most of the means of transport in an area.

U-Where is based on a travel request, assignment and monitoring system that reflects the logic of smart travelling apps. Through the application, the Company's collaborators - but also their family members and suppliers - can book the company transport service, carried out by a fleet of pre-registered vehicles that are waiting for a call, taking advantage of a practical and economic service that is far more efficient than traditional systems.

U-Where is an easy-to-use tool that guarantees significant benefits to the company’s bottom line. By using it to manage its fleet, the Kazakh oil consortium NCOC in its first year of adopting the software recorded a saving of 20% on the total costs of the Consortium's Transport Department.

Smart Safety allows the company to verify compliance with workplace safety regulations and is a particularly effective tool because:

  • Allows you to intervene in real-time, preventing any dangerous situations
  • Checks the position and activities of each worker, verifying compliance with the prevention procedures
  • Monitors the PPE warehouse, simplifying its management and verifying that each employee uses the necessary devices, in the right quantities It operates both within the company and in the external spaces
  • Protects the company in case of disputes.
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