The potential of neural networks and digital technology is at the service of health protection, to make the work of professionals more efficient and respond effectively and quickly to the needs of users.

We offer software and tools for Telemedicine, solutions based on System Integration, Application Assistance and Technical Service Desk developed starting from the needs of companies operating in the Healthcare sector and of all the realities that want to exploit the potential of digital to monitor and manage automated processes relating to the health of its users or collaborators.

Through tools that facilitate the monitoring of users' physical conditions and by allowing companies to implement automated processes, we provide effective responses capable of protecting users, health professionals, companies and organisations.


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Organizations and companies we have collaborated with

  • Cepav Due
  • Mobilità Roma
  • Consiglio Regione dell'Abruzzo
  • NATO
  • AVM Holding
  • Acquedotto Pugliese
  • Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato Italiano
  • Concessioni Autostradali Venete
  • NCOC
  • Città Metropolitana di Venezia
  • Generali
  • Euro Spin
  • Marcolin
  • ENI