Training, Safety and Health, in a single software

A single software suite to manage effectively and functionally all that concerns the health, safety and training of your employees and collaborators.

With Kalmo you can easily monitor the management of PPE, verify employee participation in mandatory training courses, manage medical visits and permissions for secure access to company sites and much more.

Kalmo is the result of a long experience gained in high-risk international contexts.
It starts from the practical needs of companies and takes into account the legislative regulations on safety at work and the related management and certification needs. In this way, it protects the company, the managers and the collaborators, putting each of them in a position to better safeguard their health.

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Do you need to plan, manage and monitor employee training and health plan?
Kalmo is the right solution for you! Luca Scalabrin, president of ACTV, a company of the
AVM group that deals with public transport in Venice, tells us how Kalmo allows you to always have information under control to ensure the safety of employees in a simple and automated way.

Find out more on the dedicated website

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