The platform that automates purchasing procedures

The PRO-Q platform is the e-Procurement software that allows Companies, Public Administrations and Utilities to manage purchases and suppliers simply and transparently and to launch a tender.

PRO-Q lets you manage every phase of the purchasing process, to create a profiled supplier register to always get the best price and to easily conclude a tender, giving you the guarantee to always act with the utmost transparency.

PRO-Q is:

  • INTUITIVE: sets up a tender in under 5 minutes;
  • EFFECTIVE: reduces costs and increases margins;
  • TRANSPARENT: manages purchases transparently and in compliance with regulations;
  • FLEXIBLE: you can use it for a single tender, Saas or On-Premise;
  • CUSTOMISABLE: ask us how to adapt it to your needs;
  • RELIABLE: you can take advantage of our specialist support at all stages of the tender.
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PRO-Q alongside ANCI Veneto to deal with the Covid-19 emergency

Enzo Muoio, CEO of ANCI SA, ANCI Veneto Service Company, ANCI Friuli Venezia Giulia and UPI Veneto, tells of the collaboration with Venicecom Group as part of the free Digital Solidarity initiative which made it possible to guarantee urgent operations even during the delicate health emergency due to Covid-19, in full compliance with the current legislation on Tenders Public.

We have enthusiastically joined the free Digital Solidarity initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Innovation and Digitisation and by AgID, the Agency for Digital Italy, to support the municipalities in our territory that are in difficulty by the Covid-19 emergency.

As part of this initiative, we have allowed the Municipalities of Veneto to make free use of the PRO-Q e-procurement platform and remote specialist support services for the calling of public tenders: concrete help to allow local Public Administrations to guarantee the operation of urgent tenders in an emergency that is not only about health but also operational.

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