A platform to effectively manage purchases and suppliers and create tenders quickly and transparently

Thanks to our e-Procurement services and the PRO-Q platform you can control and organise your purchases in an automated and effective way, always obtaining prices improve and manage your tenders easily and transparently.

Find out how PRO-Q meets the needs of private companies, Public Administrations and Public Enterprises and makes it possible to make the processes of purchasing and awarding goods, services and contracts safer, cheaper, faster and more flexible.

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The software suite that focuses on the safety and training of your collaborators and employees

Discover our services to monitor and manage the health, safety and training of your collaborators through the Kalmo software suite.

Using a single tool that brings together multiple functionalities, you can monitor your PPE warehouse, manage training and mandatory training courses, check compliance with legislative regulations on safety at work and much more.

Find out how Kalmo takes care of the health of your employees and ensures the safety of your company.

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The management software that increases your profitability by keeping costs and processes under control

Discover KronosApp, the management, planning and control system for orders that allows you to monitor the processes of your company at any time and make your business more efficient and organised.

Thanks to KronosApp you can monitor the performance and productivity indices of your internal processes, to always have the progress of the various activities under control and manage budgets and personnel in an organised way: a flexible tool that allows you to save and optimise your activities.

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