Technological Service Desk

We optimise and make your Service Desks efficient

We manage Infrastructure projects for Telecommunications and Technical Support Services that accompany you in solving any critical issues or malfunctions.

Our Technological Service Desk Services, created to make customer support services increasingly efficient and optimised, allow you to solve an array of problems for networking systems plus types of hardware and software.

Specifically, using our Service Desk service you can effectively manage all the configurations and any problems related to the endpoints of the Skype4business and Teams platforms, also managing the assets that use these platforms in the various contexts of use.

service desk

Our technological Service Desk allows you to:

  • Solve problems of various kinds relating to networks, hardware and software
  • Continuously examine the levels of service offered, to evaluate the quality of the work performed and the support provided in the activities
  • Have the governance of well-defined and therefore repeatable processes
  • Receive support for all meetings where these types of software are used (through pre-event tests and willingness to follow events directly or by remaining available to intervene if necessary).
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