Technologies to improve effectiveness, efficiency and to enable digital growth

Thanks to our expertise and our in-depth knowledge in multiple sectors, we can help you in adopting the right software technology to face the complexities of the market, obtaining the maximum value from the best technology platforms available.

  • BMC Remedy
  • BMC Orchestrator
  • BMC Discovery
  • ServiceNow
  • Genesys
  • Libraesva
  • Infrastructure Technologies

BMC Remedy

We take advantage of new technologies, from artificial intelligence to machine learning, to optimise Service Management activities and allow our customers to be more efficient and competitive on the market, reducing time and costs.

We power IT transformation with intelligent user experiences, so our BMC Remedy certified Service Management allows you to:

  • transform the experience of your agents with cognitive automation
  • take advantage of a single centralised control panel for managing multi-cloud agents
  • take advantage of integrated collaboration tools
  • use optimised software for all devices
  • create drag-and-drop reports with intuitive graphics
  • increase time-to-value with ready-to-use ITIL, best practice reports and KPIs

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BMC Orchestrator

Automate IT processes to accelerate service delivery and reduce costs. This is BMC Orchestrator’s goal, the solution that allows you to:

  • Run standard processes through automated workflows (IT Process Automation - ITPA), reducing manual intervention
  • Manage the containerised deployment, for fast time-to-value
  • Quickly create custom automation use cases, starting in the thousands of pre-set workflows Integrate the application with different technological interfaces
  • Improve your performance

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BMC Discovery

BMC Helix Discovery is the cloud solution that automates the detection and mapping of the corporate IT infrastructure, for better visibility in the management of hardware, software and services in multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

BMC Helix Discovery provides the framework needed to create application maps and makes digital transformation aware, secure and transparent.

Customers using it have seen an average ROI of 470%, with a return on investment in just 8 months.

  • Our Security Operations teams perform essential detections and can prevent security problems
  • Scalable, lightweight and without the need for agents: we provide you with BMC Helix Discovery as a native cloud application, ready to run
  • Application dependency documentation has a single source
  • BMC Helix Discovery identifies weaknesses in your infrastructure, allowing you to take prompt action

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Service Now


ServiceNow is a platform for the digitisation of Service Management processes, tailor-made for companies that want to simplify the management of IT services and other business services.

This cloud-based Service Management solution allows you to streamline your IT-related workflows and make your HR and customer management more efficient.

Thanks to ServiceNow's CMDB (Configuration Management Database) you can:

  • Collect and store data and develop applications on a single platform
  • Highlight dependencies between your company’s internal resources
  • Comprehensively visualise the business environment

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Customer Experience is the key to building customer loyalty and improving results, and every year Genesys successfully enables over 25 billion of the world's best customer experiences.

This Contact Center solution combines the best technology with great attention to natural communication methods, to satisfy users' expectations at all times and make communication fluid, spontaneous and effective, promoting engagement on every channel, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Libra Esva's Email Security Virtual Appliance protects email security and guarantees maximum protection against spam, viruses, Trojans, phishing attacks and unwanted content around the clock.

Libra Esva does not require any dedicated hardware, it acts as a gateway between the mail server and the internet and allows you to receive reports on all traffic to and from your company.

Each inbound email is carefully scanned for:

  • Viruses, Trojans, Adware and Malware
  • Classic and image spam
  • Dangerous or unwanted content
  • Attachments that are potentially harmful or contrary to company policies

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Infrastructure Technologies

Our services:

Office Automation, through the Microsoft 365 suite and its applications that allow you to easily manage integrated communication and simplify teamwork, video/audio conferences and mail management

Server Management, through Microsoft Azure which allows us to deliver Cloud and On-Premise services for the management of corporate infrastructures

DNS Management, through our Azure DNS service that allows us to manage the DNS registrations associated with domains

Domain Management since we are one of the Italian Registrers for .it and .edu domains, so that we can quickly register domains and develop their websites

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